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Customer magazines are an effective way to communicate with your consumers. We Make Magazines specialises in all areas of customer publishing.

Any company that wishes to communicate regularly with its clients can benefit from customer publishing. We Make Magazines publishes high-quality customer magazines, newsletters and brochures to assist our clients in reaching out to new and existing audiences.

With a customer magazine published by We Make Magazines you can build a strong and intimate relationship with your audience in a way that can't be achieved by any other media: our magazines are trusted by their readers who are proven to be receptive to both their editorial and advertising content.

Taste Buds. January/February 2012Engage your customer without distraction
As media choice proliferates, customer publishing provides the best way of engaging your customer without distraction. We Make Magazines is an expert in creating absorbing editorial presented with skilful design.

We understand that your first venture into customer publishing can be a daunting process. After listening carefully to your needs we will devise a clear editorial plan and present design proposals. We can manage the entire process to include: editorial; magazine design; advertising sales; production; print and distribution; or we can work with your existing team to deliver one or more aspects.

Examples of customer magazines and magazine design
• Discover Dartmouth magazine 
• Taste Buds magazine
• Designer magazine

Talk to We Make Magazines to find out how your business can benefit from customer publishing.

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