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Instant Website

Set up your own website with a simple website builder from We Make Magazines. DIY website design using our pre-built website solution.

Instant Website is a complete website that will be up and running within 48 hours of your purchase. It's the perfect website for small businesses, for those on a low budget, or those who need a simple website launched quickly. 

Created with the same attention to detail as our high-end bespoke website designs, our Instant Website is a pre-built solution ready for you to update with your own content. With just a few clicks you can add links, add pages, change text, upload pictures or add new products. If you've ever used webmail (like Hotmail or Googlemail) you already have the skills necessary to use our content management system.

Instant Website is built with simplicity in mind. It doesn't offer a bewildering array of options, rather a handful of well-considered choices that all combine to create a consistent, attractive website.

How does it work?
Create an unlimited number of pages and arrange them in a hierarchical menu up to three levels deep.

Easy and intuitive
Everything is self-explanatory. To create a new page, click on the pages tab. To change the order pages appear in your navigaton, simply drag them into place in the CMS and the order will be reflected on your site.

Grows as your website grows
You never know how your website will grow. Because our instant website is built on the same architecture as our bespoke websites, with very little effort we can customise your website however you like.

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